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What is dōTERRA MetaPWR? I am so glad you asked!! This is the key to having more energy, living longer, feeling younger and getting the most out of your life! dōTERRA MetaPWR is a line of products designed to support optimal physical performance and recovery. The products in this line are made with high-quality ingredients, …

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Release Weight Naturally

Every time I turn on the tv, or look in a magazine it seems I am bombarded with the latest weight loss trend. Like many of us I fall victim to wondering if this may be the new easy way to lose the extra weight. Inevitably I am reminded that their is no “easy” way …

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Get Moving….

Can I just be honest with you and admit I HATE exercise! I am not one of those people that loves to go to the gym, or out for a run or even play a sport. Sure, throughout my life I have tried all of those and more but they honestly just don’t excite me. …

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