Classical Conversations

Socratic What?

This year I had the pleasure of being the Director for my daughters Classical Conversations Challenge 2 class. One of our favorite strands quickly became Reasoning where we explored Socratic Dialogue. Now, I don’t know about you, but this this was not something I was taught in school. Socratic dialogue, also known as the Socratic …

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Path of education

When I was a full time nanny I had the opportunity to study various paths to education. The ones I found parents drawn to most were Montessori, Classical education and Waldorf. I was fascinated by each of these and wanted to share some of the main differences between them to help you on your path …

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Why I love classical Converstions

Classical Conversations is an innovative educational program that combines classical education with a supportive community of like-minded families. Founded in 1997, Classical Conversations has grown into a nationwide movement, offering homeschooling families a unique and effective approach to learning. The first time my friend Carrie told me about “CC” I knew I wanted to explore …

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