10 ways to improve your sleep

  1. Eliminate screens for at least an hour before bed. Yes, tv, cell phones, computers, kindle ALL screens! The brain can not relax when distracted by a screen, not to mention the blue light radiating from our devices.
  2. Create a habit to cue your body in to knowing sleep is coming. This could be reading, or meditation, or simply the act of moving to your bedroom, brushing teeth, washing your face and taking a few deep breaths. Whatever it is you do to get ready for bed do it consistently with intention and the body will tune in to the cues that sleep is coming.
  3. Set your diffuser! It is amazing how simply diffusing a calming oil like the Serenity Blend or Balance blend can help your brain transition to resting.
  4. Reduce light pollution in your sleeping space. All those digital clocks, lights on devices, and moonlight trickling in from the window can trigger the body to stay awake. Put a piece of electrical tape over displays and lights to darken them and close the blinds tightly.
  5. Enjoy a hot beverage, like hot water with a drop of doTERRA Lavender and Roman Chamomile, or golden milk to soothe to the body and mind
  6. Reduce the noise- creating a quiet space for sleep gives the brain permission to stop listening and relax which aids in restful sleep.
  7. Increase your serotonin- spend 20 minutes outside EVERY DAY can help the body increase the serotonin production and get better sleep.
  8. Avoid sugar and caffeine late in the day. Even if “it doesn’t affect” you it is working through your system and will change the way your cells operate.
  9. Invest in a good mattress and adjust your pillow to support your neck and spine. When the neck/spine is out of alignment while you sleep your body is constantly adjusting to make itself comfortable. Pillows that properly support the position you sleep in and the firmness of your mattress will make a dramatic difference in your sleep quality.
  10. Make a list to brain dump. When you are trying to relax and the to do list starts scrolling through your thoughts take a moment to write it down! Writing those items down gives your brain permission to let go of it for now and not worry about forgetting it later.

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