Natural Solutions can be a huge support for studying

With summer coming to an end and back to school on the horizon it is a great time to check in about he natural ways to support your children. Whether they are heading out to public school or staying in for a year of homeschool parents are busy getting all the supplies together. We grab the pencils, and crayons, the notebooks and books but are you also preparing for your childs emotional and mental needs at school?

Did you know that essential oils can be invaluable in supporting emotional health? The doTERRA kids collection is a must have for my daughter and lives in her backpack so she has it wherever she goes. The kit contains 7 beautiful “touch” blends. These blends are diluted and in a roller bottle so the children can safely apply them as needed. The kit also comes with a quick reference card for each oil that is color coded and has pictures to indicate if it is an oil for the mind, the body or the emotions. Each oil has a specific use including immune support, focus, improved attention, calming, digestive support, and a boost of courage. This is the perfect way to empower your kids to take control of their bodies and offer it support while they are dedicating time to studying.

If you have ever wondered how to bring essential oils in to the classroom and support your kiddos when they are at school check this out. I know for many this is a topic close to our hearts. We want to protect them from the bugs that seem to hit once school begins. Give them the confidence to make new friends and courage to speak up in class. Check out these great ideas from the doTERRA blog. Back to school Class ideas only a click away

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