Too busy NOT to …..

As a busy mom, it can be challenging to find time to focus on God. However, with some simple tips, you can incorporate God into your daily life and stay connected to Him. Here are some tips:

  1. Start your day with prayer and devotion: Before your day gets busy, take some time to pray and read a devotion. This will set the tone for your day and help you focus on God’s presence throughout the day.
  2. Listen to worship music: Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or driving, listening to worship music can help you stay connected to God throughout the day.
  3. Take a break to read the Bible: Find a few minutes in your busy day to read a verse or two from the Bible. It can be a source of inspiration and encouragement.
  4. Attend church regularly: Attending church can help you stay focused on God and connect with other believers who can support and encourage you.
  5. Pray throughout the day: Take a few moments throughout the day to pray, whether it’s a quick prayer of thanks or a longer prayer for guidance and strength.
  6. Surround yourself with like-minded believers: Connect with other moms who share your faith and values. You can support and encourage each other on your spiritual journey.
  7. Stay accountable: Find someone you trust to hold you accountable for staying focused on God. This can be a friend, a family member, or a mentor.

Remember, staying focused on God is not about adding more things to your to-do list. It’s about making God a priority in your life and finding ways to connect with Him in the midst of your busy schedule.

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