Life Happens, take a break

I am sitting here on a wintery cold Feb day looking out the window and watching the frost melt as the sun comes peeking through the mountains. My first thought when I sat down to write was that I wanted to apologize for the absence of posts lately, or to justify why I had to take a little time off. Then it hit me. WHY??

Why do we, especially as women and moms feel we need to justify every aspect of our lives. We are all doing our best. We have our plates full, we do what we can to fulfill every area of our life and sometimes, we just take breaks. TO justify that to me would indicate there was something wrong with that. It would say I am not allowed to just do what I need to do for me and my family.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. In case you ever feel the same can I be the first to give YOU permission to just take a break, Say NO,  Ignore your phone, Maybe even spend a weekday in your pj’s binge watching tv and sipping your coffee without feeling guilty! Today, let’s allow each other to BE ENOUGH!!

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