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On the go or in a school room, What works for YOU?

Welcome to my world of homeschooling chaos and creativity, where the traditional home classroom is nowhere to be found! As a mom always on the move, I’ve discovered that learning can happen anywhere, especially in the car. Join me on this comical journey as we explore the unconventional realm of homeschooling on-the-go.

Buckle up, folks! I turned our little car into the most entertaining and educational vehicle on the road. From math problems on road signs to impromptu spelling bees at traffic lights, we’ve got learning covered during our daily commute. Hilarity ensues when your car doubles as a classroom!

When your homeschooling space is ever-changing, you quickly learn to adapt and improvise. I’ve mastered the art of turning unexpected situations into impromptu lessons. From turning traffic jams into geography quizzes to transforming spilled juice into a science experiment, our homeschooling style thrives on embracing chaos. Who knew spilled milk could be so educational?

Forget boring textbooks and lecture-style lessons. In our car, we unleash our inner pop stars and turn learning into a musical extravaganza. We belt out math facts to the tune of our favorite songs, creating harmonious melodies of education. Witnessing the joy of learning and the hilarity of off-key renditions as we prove that music truly makes the educational world go ’round! This is one of the BEST things about the Classical Conversations foundations program- Every fact has a song!

Who says field trips are limited to museums and historic sites? As a homeschooling-on-the-go mom, I’ve discovered that everyday locations can be unexpected sources of learning. We embark on educational adventures at the supermarket, the park, and more. You won’t believe the lessons we’ve learned in the most ordinary of places! Follow me on my social media to see where we are learning next!

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