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Mastering your time, is mastering your success

Becoming the master of your time is the single most effective way to increase your productivity and conquer your goals. It is not always pretty, it is rarely perfect, but it sets the tone for the entire day. We have all heard the cliche statement “we all have the same number of hours in a day” and although that is absolutely a truth it does little to give me any sense of motivation for my day. Likewise, hearing how the “choices I make today will create the life I have tomorrow” is not quite the inspiration that I need to crush my goals. I rarely compare myself to others, or compete with someone else’s version of success. I do however, hold myself to a high level of discipline because I am internally motivated to create a life of abundance. There are 8 steps I take to insure my time is efficient, restorative, and full of opportunity.

  1. Know your goals- whether you are setting goals to launch a new business, create a healthier future or finally get all the kids out of diapers. Keeping the focus on your goals will guide your efforts and determine where you spend your time.
  2. Identify your priorities- Take time frequently to identify your top priorities. I have quarterly time set aside each year to check in with myself, my family, and my team ton be sure that the goals I am giving the most time to are truly what is the most important for the next season.
  3. Health is your foundation- If you are not keeping up your healthy habits you are not giving yourself the fuel you need to take action.T This may look like blocking out time for adequate sleep, making time to prepare foods that nourish you, or giving yourself time in the schedule to move your body. It does not have to be your top priority to lose weight, sleep better, or eat better to make building a foundation the most important thing you add to your schedule.
  4. Invest in yourself- All of us can learn from others. I am a reader, so takign 10 minutes a day to read a book, or article that helps me develop my skillset is a great way to create more time later. The more developed our skills are the less time it takes to complete a task . Focus on 1 area you want to sharpen the skills and learn how to do that in bite size pieces.
  5. Set up your space- whattever the task at hand may be it will save yourself time to have the space prepared. Before you beging a task plan ahead tto grab tthe supplies or equipment or people or items you will need to get right to work when it is time.
  6. Eliminate distractions- Shut off the devices, block the notifications, turn the ringer off, or close the door. Whatever it is you are setting up to do, give it your full attention. No only will you find that you are more productive but you are also able to do higher quality work. I am a huge fan of multi-tasking, and for me, it works! I am merely suggesting that if you want to listen to an audio book while you make dinner, or you can take a meeting while walking on the treadmill keep it to what you are choosing to do NOT all the other things tha WILL pop up to take your attention away.
  7. Schedule your success -THEN stick to it! I know, I KNOW he urgent call comes in, the kiddos get sick, the computer crashes. Things will always come along o derail the plan you have for the day. Manage the emergencies but do not change your priorities. If you have to pause for an hour to handle whatever it is, do so, and tthen get back ot focus, adjust the plan to honor your commimentt o the priorities and finish your day strong.
  8. Build in cushions and fun- No schedule should be 100% task driven, even the most successful CEO’s take time ot play golf or have fun. In your daily plan give room for breaks, and use them! Get up and clear your mind between tasks, or check off an item on yoru “joy List” SEE THIS BLOG FOR MORE ON THAT having the momentts to breathe, enjoy, and relax will allwo you to have more productive time.

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