Get Moving….

Can I just be honest with you and admit I HATE exercise! I am not one of those people that loves to go to the gym, or out for a run or even play a sport. Sure, throughout my life I have tried all of those and more but they honestly just don’t excite me. I rarely wake up and think that it is a good day to go do some big physical activity. My idea of exercise is yoga, gardening, and maybe when no one is home and the windows are drawn getting my groove on to the Body Grove videos. As a holistic health coach though I KNOW the importance of moving our bodies.

Movement, yes, that is the word I prefer to use to exercise. It is much easier to commit each day to doing movement then, it is to talk myself into exercising. I also find that when I commit simply to move my body I have the flexibility to determine what that movement will look like on that day, and that helps me know what kind of time I need to make the movement beneficial. When I have very limited time in a day my fall back commitment is to “get my steps in”. I put on my sep counter and I commit to getting my minimum steps for the day. This is the easiest for me as I know I will be walking around some anyway so it is simple to add the extra steps to hit my goal. That often looks like parking further away from my appointments or errands, taking extra trips up and down the stairs at home, and making a point of pausing between tasks to walk 100 steps.

When my schedule is not so busy I do love a good Yoga practice. There is just something motivational about warming up and then holding the Warrior Poses. I love feeling like I could rival Wonder Woman and in those few poses I can envision myself slaying all the bad guys. I also find yoga to be a great way to tune into my body. With each breath I can listen to what my body is telling me and I can give gratitude to the various muscles, bones, cells, that allow me to do what I want to do.

The choice we each get to make is simple. Do we want to show up for ourselves? That is truly the choice we make when we decide if we are going to exercise or not. It is the choice we are making when we slump into the couch after a long day and endlessly scroll our phones or tune into the big screen. We make time for what we value. We will stick to what we enjoy. Find a way to create movement everyday that raises your heart rate, strengthens your respiratory system and reminds you that your muscles can do amazing things.

Eliminate the excuses!!

  1. We all have the same amount of time- choosing to dedicate a portion of that time each day to your physical health will ultimately lead to a longer life and more time for the thing you love.
  2. Keep it simple! Movement does not have to require special equipment, or complicated workout programs. If that stops you from moving then find something new. Whether it is a 30 day challenge off social media, getting more steps, doing squats as you brush your teeth, or dancing your way through the day you will do more if you keep it simple.
  3. NO EXCUSES- make a list of all the reasons you “can’t” move each day and get real with yourself. Beside each excuse create a plan to overcome that obstacle. No money- then find a way with no equipment (heck, jump and down for 5 minutes), no time- evaluate your priorities and eliminate even 10-15 minutes of wasted time (have you checked your phones screen time lately?), have an injury- move the other parts of your body- even something as simple as pointing your toes and flexing will create movement and intention to honor your body until you are well enough to do more.

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