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Competition Creates Confidence

As I was driving home from a networking meeting I became aware of the locations and stores on the road I was near. I noticed a national chain fried chicken restaurant and directly across the street, on the same side of the road  was another local  fried chicken restaurant. It caught my attention, and I took notice of  the other businesses near me. I was passing five  banks doors away from one another, gas stations on every corner of an intersection and a little local coffee shop next to the big mega chain. All I could think about was that if these small businesses have the confidence to open a location literally within a stones throw of the biggest competition then perhaps there was something we needed to learn from that.

 Competition is often thought of as a bad thing. In business, knowing your own value, knowing your own strength, and having the confidence to stand firmly in what you do owning that it is unique and different is powerful! When we have the potential to serve customers in an authentic way it is truly remarkable. When I attend  networking events, I welcome my competition. At vendor events I seek out the booths that sell similar products and get to know those business owners. I don’t want to avoid  working with other businesses simply because they may compete with me. I welcome and embrace my fellow partners, whether that be in my doTERRA business or in the health and wellness field. Perhaps another company that says similar products has a gap in their product line that I can fill or they have something I can offer their customers that rounds out what they sell. If I allowed fear or discomfort to cloud my ability to learn about their business I would rob myself of the opportunity to expand my network. And, as “they” say your Network is your Net WORTH so don’t let the opportunity to build yours pass you by.

 I firmly believe that iron sharpens iron, and meeting with representatives in different professions helps us to really zone in on our target market. What is it that makes you different? How do you show up for your customers? If you identify this, and show up authentically in your strength you will have the opportunity to build trust with the people you want to work with. People are drawn to connections and do business with those they “know, like and trust” so don’t be afraid to turn away customers that are not a good fit. Be confident in the service you provide, the product you are aligned with and the unique experience you offer to your customers. When we hold our businesses with confidence no amount of competition will drag us down. 

My prayer, my hope for each of you is that as you are looking for opportunities to promote your business to step into the next networking event, you don’t avoid talking to the people who are your competition, but rather seek them out first and learn from them. Listen and you will  learn what your customers are  being faced with and what they are being offered. Then,  you can decide when it’s appropriate to up your skills, or to uplevel/ change your products  to stay in that competition. As well as when you’re going to lean in to what you offer and stand in confidence knowing that what the competition is doing is right for them, but it may not be right for you. Few if any businesses truly have the capacity to serve EVERY customer that wants what you have. I give you permission to be selective, be genuine and trust that the right people WILL be drawn to do business with you.

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