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Being a mom is a constant battle of choice. Today my choice was do I accompany my child on her home school co-op field trip or do I work. Now, typically that is a no brainer. I have put in my time of having to choose work to make ends meet. I have lived the years of feeling trapped and unable to choose what my heart wants over what responsibility and budget demand. Today, now, in this time in my life I am fortunate to have this be a choice.

Sure, my heart is a little sad and would love to be with the class as they discover nature trails and explore the forest.  I chose to work because this simple choice goes beyond what I want. It goes beyond what my kiddo wants. In choosing work, I am choosing YOU!!!  I don’t go punch a clock in an office and push papers. Today my work involved meeting with another mom who is desperately seeking answers and support for her son’s respiratory system. We talked, we shared stories of late night trips to the ER with oxygen on our kiddos praying they hang on. We cried over the heartache of watching your child breathe and I offered HOPE!! Today, work = significance. Today my choice was to serve others the way I myself have been the recipient of wisdom, oils and hope.

My view from the appointment today……


As a single mom, I treasure the time with my kiddo. I love that I have created a life that allows me to be in constant contact with the child I created. But, when I set my “self” aside and I look beyond what doTERRA has brought to me I find great value in the gifts I have the privilege to share with others. Including YOU!!  What choices are you making today? What joys have you been able to fulfil and who have you been able to serve simply by making the choice to offer hope?

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