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Refresh and Renew in 2024

Refresh and Renew in 2024 Hey there, Health Enthusiasts! As we bid adieu to the past and embrace the fresh canvas of the New Year, there’s a golden opportunity to cultivate healthier habits. Let’s dive into ways to kickstart this year with vitality and a renewed commitment to our well-being. Rise and Shine with Morning …

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Set your day up for success!

If you, like me, often wake to a day with more items to accomplish then you feel you can possibly complete this post is for YOU! I have read countless articles, and books on how to set your day up for success. Some very brilliant people have coined titles to this ritual like Power Hour, …

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Bright Ideas that keep me sane

Now, let’s talk about finding your inner zen. We all have those moments when the kids push us to our limits, and it feels like our heads might explode. Take a deep breath, my friend. Close your eyes for a few seconds and envision yourself on a peaceful tropical beach. Hear the waves crashing, feel …

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Drawing the Circle, and getting out of the box

How I Balance Homeschooling, Networking, and Natural Living: Finding Harmony in a Modern World In today’s fast-paced society, parents often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities and choices when it comes to their children’s education, social connections, and lifestyle. As I juggle this life of homeschooling, networking, and natural living finding a balance between these aspects …

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Life Happens, take a break

I am sitting here on a wintery cold Feb day looking out the window and watching the frost melt as the sun comes peeking through the mountains. My first thought when I sat down to write was that I wanted to apologize for the absence of posts lately, or to justify why I had to …

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A day of love….

ahhhhh, Valentine’s Day, a day of love and romance. To many this is the epitome of the perfect day. Time with that special someone, flowers, chocolate, and professions of love. To others, many of whom are single like me, it is a day to be sad. A day to mourn a relationship past or feel …

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New Year New You

I have found for myself the more focus I can give to what I intentionally plan to create in my life the less I feel stuck.