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Burning the midnight oil..

Yep, it really IS almost midnight, and I am awake. Why? Because I can’t stop working of course. Tell me I am not the only that gets in a groove, connects with customers and friends way past bedtime and then the ideas flow!! I LOVE my job!

Today, was a crazy day. My little one, who btw, keeps growing and is NOT so little anymore, went to bed sick last night. She had a rough day, a fever, and an upset tummy (lets me honest she was pukey 😝).  I tucked her in to bed with the peace of knowing I had the tools to keep comfy and support that little body. I also had the reassurance that a sick day didn’t have to cost me a day of work. RELIEF!!!

I know all mom’s have been there. Your little one is sick and you must decide “do I drop everything and cater to the kiddos every whimper, do I leave the child in the hands of a trusted caregiver while I go to work” or “do I take that sick kid with me to accomplish the must do tasks of the day”.

For a couple of years those decisions were a regular part of my life. We were in and out of the hospital. I was constantly stressed out about when my boss would finally lose patience and fire me. I remember days of being released from the hospital and rather than go home to rest we would go to work because I could NOT afford to miss one more hour of pay. I worked in a family home and could tuck the little one in a bed and let sleep do it’s magic while I worked. All the while beating myself up and angry that as a single mom I had to make such choices.

Today, I am so beyond grateful that I no longer have to choose. My kiddo is sick, we stayed home, AND I worked around when I was needed.

Freedom comes in many forms…. this freedom of choice was a gift today.

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