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I am a Natural Networker! I am in the people business! I thrive on partnering with women and helping them achieve their potential.

I have been a community builder my entire life. I started creating community while participating with clubs in grade school and was involved in leading community outreach throughout junior high school.

By the time I attended high school I was actively involved in building connections between youth and local police on an advisory board. Creating connections was a natural gift on my life.

I had no idea this gift would lead to a lifetime of networking. It has allowed me to create an abundant life and granted me the opportunity  pursue my passions and live  life on my own terms. When I started my doTERRA business 11+ years ago I had little time to devote to building a business. I became a member of BNI.  As a single homeschooling mom with a full-time career I relied on the power of networking to grow a successful home-based business. This opened doors for me that allow my anointed gifts to shine. I quickly grew my influences within the BNI organization working on both the local and the national platforms.

Now, I am a BNI Chapter Success Coach, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, a single homeschooling mama and I get to use my gifts to create community and network in all areas. Being a natural networker has helped me create this beautiful life!

Leads vs Referrals

“Once someone has trusted me with their friend, colleague or loved ones contact information I can make a connection that offers value!”

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