A week to remember

I am so totally in awe! I had the great pleasure a couple of weeks ago to attend doTERRA’s annual global convention. Rather than go and have a few days of a “pep camp” rally (as I have done in the past with other conventions) I was blown away yet again with the caliber of content provided. We spent days listening to physicians talk about how they are utilizing doTERRA essential oils in their clinics and with their patients. We heard from major research universities that are conducting massive clinical trials and research using our essential oils. These results will be published in mainstream medial journals soon and I will tell you all about them when they are. We also go to not only hear about the new products doTERRA has launched but also experience them for ourselves in the product showcase. I have been home now for 2 weeks and I am still trying to wrap my head around the amazing work doTERRA continues to do and the support they provide through the Healing Hands Foundation. I will be posting a few links and brief articles to highlight each of these areas. But, first, I just want to keep it real.

I adore this time each year to go and learn, to connect with my doTERRA family, and to be inspired by what I am part of. I also struggle with this each year. As a single mom, it is not an easy decision to leave for a week. I have found amazing support in friends and family that love my little one and are happy to include her as one of their own while I am away. I have even hired a nanny to travel with me so I can bring the kiddo with me. Either way, it is a sacrifice, either in time, resources or commitment. I often experience guilt being gone for so long. I worry about how things are going at home or question if bringing the kiddo with me is fair when I am away for such long hours. I look at my budget and question if the money invested is the best use of funds.

Every year, I am amazed that despite the difficulty and the questioning and the endless banter in my head, the week I spend at convention is the highlight of my business year. The sacrifice is real but what I gain fills every gap. It is in these times away that I see my child grow in strength and confidence. When I take the time to be educated I can use that to serve hundreds of people on my team. While I am inspired by the impact doTERRA is making on a global scale I can in turn inspire others. Without each of us learning, growing, sharing, sacrificing, and creating the lives we are meant for how would our kids learn to do the same.

Enough rambling for now, stay tuned for the doTERRA convention highlights. I look forward to connecting with you.

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