90 Day Transformation

Are you ready to make aa real change in your health? If you set a New years Resolution to get healthy this year and you have already started to fumble this may be the perfect solution for you! Let’s face it, getting healthy and staying healthy are NOT resolutions! They are commitments you make to yourself and to your family. We often look at the big picture of the ultimate goal, maybe it is losing 30 lbs, or going Gluten Free. Perhaps you want to be able to walk around the block without losing your breath or just get down on the ground to play with the grandkids without worrying about if you can get back up. If you have a big goal and you keep striking out on your way to attain it chances are what you are lacking is not will power or dedication but a strategic plan to succeed.

I have been a Wellness Advocate and Health coach for over a decade. I have seen heartbreaking stories of people who lost the battle with their health AND I have coached people to lose the weight, change the habit and reclaim their own health! This 90 Transformation program IS the key to success!

Creating simple daily habits that create the change you want in your life is the key! It is not about jumping in to some new weight loss challenge that helps you drop weight today but be further behind in a year. It is about learnign how to support your body from the inside out. When we give the body what it needs at each level of the Wellness Pyramid it WILL respond! Our bodies are designed to work in unison and often we try to approach our health one “department” at a time and lose the battle.

I am here to tell you that feeling better, having more energy, and hitting those health goals IS possible! If you commit to 90 days of support I am confident you WILL see results, feel better, sleep better, and develop the habits of creating the healthy life you want!

In this 3 month program we start by setting you up with a solid foundation! Replenish the nutrients your body is craving and develop the Cornerstone to build your health upon. In month 2 we build to the next layer and focus on cleansing the body of the toxins that naturally build up in us. Whether they have come in from the personal care products we use, the cleaners in our homes or past eating habits we all have stored up garbage our body is dying to get rid of! This month of focus cleansing is not going to leave you feeling miserable or chained to a bathroom but it will eliminate the stagnant trash you can dispose of. The final month is all about creating the life you want to live. Without losing focus on our foundational health we will add in targeted support for the unique goals you have for your own health.

I am here to help and would love to chat! Sign up for a free consultation and lets explore your next step together. https://calendly.com/essentialwholeness4u/15min

I believe in YOU! I am here to help! Together we can create MORE in 2024!

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